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      2 layers - 4" mini // serves 2-4

      (Vanilla sponge and lemon sponge only)

       2 layers - 6" // serves 6-8


       3 layers - 6" // serves 8-14 

       4 layers - 6" // serves 14-20

       2 layers - 8" // serves 10 -12

       3 layers - 8" // serves 14-20

       4 layers - 8" // serves 30+

  • Thank you for taking the time to look at our cake offers. We can make round, square, sheet, heart and dome shaped cakes.

  • My specialty is Swiss meringue buttercream cakes & flowers and I work within my own style. I do not have experience in themed cakes and do not take orders for them. I can add cake toppers and miniature toys to your cake, really just a couple to make them look fun but still sophisticated. Most of my flowers come from my catering suppliers and from The Flower Ranger in Kirkcaldy. Some are edible, some are just decorative but they are always non-toxic. Decorative flower stems are wrapped in food safe tape. I use Shipton Mill`s organic cake flour or Wildfarmed organic cake flour from regenerative farming and real vanilla bean. 

  • You can see the cake flavours I currently offer below and some pictures of my cake designs. When you pick a design, please make sure that it is something that I do (see pictures below and on our social media sites) and that it suits your taste. Flavours change seasonally and with whatever food pairing inspires me at a given time.

  • Prices are calculated on the cost of the ingredients and anything extra you require (flowers, edible gold, etc.) coupled with the time it takes me to make and decorate your chosen cake. For example, cakes with pastry and diplomat cream, pistachio praline  or vintage styled cakes cost more due to the extra time it takes to  make/decorate them as well as the price of ingredients. 

  • We do not use eggs or dairy in our kitchen (in fact we don`t buy any animal products or animal-derived products). For a low gluten cake (legal term we must use instead of "gluten free"), please ask my advice.

  • I understand that not everyone requires a celebration cake so if you need a no fuss Battenberg or a tray of cinnamon rolls, let me know and I can totally do that for you!

  • Thank you again for stopping by!

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We handle nuts, peanuts, soya, gluten, sulphites, sesame, mustard, and celery in our kitchen and for this reason, we cannot guarantee any product will be 100% free from allergens. Extra care is taken when preparing allergy friendly products. 

Due to the production methods of some of the purchased ingredients we use in our kitchen, traces of other allergens, such as milk or egg may also be present.

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